About Me


Hi, Chris Owens here! I’m a native New Yorker, photographer, small business consultant & social media manager. I have a great passion for photography which began at a young age. Growing up in New York gave me access to multiple airports which led me to the hobby of plane spotting. My passion for planes and love of spotting introduced me to the world of photography, and I have never looked back!

I've been spotting planes for well over a decade. A natural progression from watching the skies & soaking in the beauty of aviation was to start traveling (a great way to get on a plane is to travel!) I've been lucky enough to see a small sampling of this stunning world so far. I’ve travelled far & wide (and at times woken up quite early!) to get “the shot” not just of aircraft, but of the world around me as well.

I have leveraged my love of photography into a career as a small business consultant. Taking care of the varied tasks a small business may encounter, from social media content production, website management, expense & income data visualization, I provide the expertise and insight to help guide my clients through any project.

My Work

My unique perspective has earned me opportunities to work as an established Small Business Consultant. From the communications department of a NYC Veterans Advocacy group to locally owned businesses in Kew Gardens, Queens I have brought my talents & vision to help showcase and grow an organization's message. My work has been featured across the digital spectrum of numerous clients.

As an operations manager, I establish structure and analytical data reporting in organizations where there was none before; streamlining business operations leading to new revenue streams and overall growth. This places the focus on not just short term growth, but long term growth as well. 

The structure & data I provide my clients has allowed them to successfully navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and adapt to the fluid situation that has become everyday life during the pandemic.

As a social media manager, I create content from start to finish: shoot the photos, create graphics & copy, edit, share. I use my photos to build photo/info-graphic libraries to pull from for future posts.

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